Gilbert The T-Rex

Meet Gilbert the T-Rex

Presented by Curtis M. Warnes and Family

I have been asked why are you doing this.  The answer is simple, I love this community and I wanted to give a gift to Leelanau County. Gilbert the T-Rex took over 3 years to bring to life by sculptor/artist Enoch Flaugher. His hard work and commitment is evident is every vertebrae, every rib and the details he added.

Gilbert the T-Rex speaks to my family’s history on the Leelanau Peninsula for the past 100+ years. Their love of the the area and heart and sole they put into everything they did. Everywhere I look on the peninsula I see a piece of family. My great uncle Lou ran the dune rides and my family ran the general store in Glen Arbor starting back in 1927. The little souvenir and snack shop at the bottom of the Dune Climb for many years was ran by my grandparents. This was before the vending machines that are there now. My family has been a part of the dunes and I love that Gilbert the T-Rex is on our property in Empire in the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore area for everyone to see and enjoy.

Gilbert is dedicated to and named after my Great Grandfather, my Grandfather and my Father. I miss my father daily and I smile every time I say his name. My hope is that Gilbert the T-Rex brings a smile to your face.

You can see Gilbert the T-Rex at our gallery located on W. Empire Highway in Empire.

Share your pictures of Gilbert on Social Media using #gilbertthetrex

Gilbert the T-Rex was a labor of love and took 3 years and 4200 hours to complete. Gilbert is 36 feet long and 14 feet tall.

He makes a statement!

Below are just a few pictures that show some of the stages of the design and build of Gilbert the T-Rex.

Gilbert the T-Rex has a sibling!

He was commissioned before Gilbert the T-Rex was born and now lives on private property in Northern Michigan. Below are a few pictures. Please if you recognize the location do not visit, this is private property.

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